Heritage 160 // First Glimpse

We’ve been waiting, waiting ever patiently, for a first look at what Lane Crawford has done with Kate Lanphear’s trench (seeing as how we worked our lil’ fingers to the bone and cried tears of joy when we finished on deadline) and the moment seems to have arrived!

It has been pictured and written up on a number of blogs, but the best would be by Lane Crawford (duh!) and it features a bio of Kate and a short interview detailing her intentions with the Burberry trench. There is also a campaign video where all the trenches have their moment (look for our at the 1:25 & 2:40 mark) along with some great pics!

Model Rasa Zukauskaite looked pretty without sacrificing her cool, and I especially loved her blond brows/hyper blush combo. The styling was perfect and really showed the range of what some hand-rolled latex tubes can do!

Please, friends, check out the links below to see the great interview with Kate Lanphear, the campaign video, as well as musings from other style blogs on the Heritage 160 campaign at large:




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